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Sourdough Bagels

Blueberry Sourdough Bagel (with Maple Sugar)

Blueberry Pancake Sourdough Bagels

Gorgeous blueberry pancake sourdough bagels that taste just like blueberry pancakes! Made in one bowl and naturally sweetened with pure maple syrup. This easy healthy blueberry bagel is also gut healthy, anti-inflammatory, yeast-free, and makes a wonderful breakfast!

Inside of Cheddar Cheese Sourdough Bagels

Nacho Cheddar Cheese Sourdough Bagels

Cheesy, crispy nacho cheddar cheese sourdough bagels made with three types of cheese for an incredible breakfast bagel everyone will love! This sourdough bagel recipe is easy to make and topped with all the nacho essentials like corn chips and guacamole. Perfect for a special Sunday brunch or anytime you need a delicious, cheesy bagel!

smores sourdough bagel with chocolate

S’mores Sourdough Bagel

When campfire s’mores and a bagel combine, you get a soft and chewy s’mores sourdough bagel with roasted marshmallows and melty dark chocolate in every bite. This s’mores sourdough bagel is irresistibly rich, fudgy, and made with 10 simple ingredients like sourdough graham crackers, whole wheat flour, and honey. They have the perfect golden gooey center just like campfire s’mores with a delicious honey graham flavor. Plus, the bagel is sourdough so it’s gut healthy and nutritious!

creme brulee sourdough bagel

Creme Brulee Sourdough Bagel

The most incredible creme brûlée sourdough bagel recipe! A soft and chewy sugar crunch bagel topped with smooth, velvety cream cheese and a crunch of caramelized sugar in every single bite. These sourdough bagels are made with simple ingredients like whole wheat flour, vanilla bean, and probiotic cream cheese. And the best part? The bagels are sourdough and naturally fermented so they’re gut healthy and nutritious too!

Mac and Cheese Sourdough Bagels on counter

Mac and Cheese Sourdough Bagels

These mac and cheese sourdough bagels are soft and chewy with melty cheddar, gruyere, and monterey jack cheese in every bite. Inspired by my Dad’s southern baked bacon mac and cheese, this sourdough bagel recipe uses healthy ingredients like grass-fed cheese, raw honey and naturally fermented whole grains (gut healthy!). And for the ultimate mac and cheese sourdough bagel experience top with a crispy bacon chive cream cheese.

Strawberry Shortcake Sourdough Bagel with filling on display

Strawberry Shortcake Sourdough Bagel

These strawberry shortcake sourdough bagels are inspired by the classic strawberry shortcake ice cream bar! A strawberry sourdough bagel with a delicious crunch of vanilla sugar cookie strawberry crumble in every bite. They’re also made with simple ingredients like fresh strawberries, raw honey, and whole wheat. I enjoyed mine with a vanilla bean cream cheese.

Sourdough Pizza Bagel held in hand birds eye view

Sourdough Pizza Bagel

This sourdough pizza bagel is soft on the inside with a crispy crust and topped with melty mozzarella cheese. Easy, healthy, and simply delicious!

Sourdough Onion Bagel With Filling

Sourdough Onion Bagels

These sourdough onion bagels are perfectly soft and chewy with little bits of toasted onion in every bite. Made with simple ingredients and easy to make!

Two Sundried Tomato Sourdough Bagels

Sundried Tomato Sourdough Bagel

The best sundried tomato sourdough bagel ever! These deliciously soft and chewy tomato bagels are made with simple ingredients like sundried tomatoes and a natural fermentation with sourdough starter (gut healthy and nutritious!). They have the perfect amount of sweetness thanks to tomatoes and raw honey, and will be your new favorite breakfast staple. I enjoyed mine with a simple cream cheese.

single cornbread sourdough bagel

Cornbread Sourdough Bagel

The best sourdough cornbread bagel ever! These deliciously soft and chewy cornbread bagels are made with simple ingredients like yellow masa and a natural fermentation with sourdough starter (gut healthy and nutritious!). They have the perfect amount of sweetness thanks to fresh corn and raw honey, and will be your new favorite breakfast staple. I enjoyed mine with a honey bacon cream cheese.

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